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SaveFrom.net download, How good are you? Virus, Performance and Intrusiveness here

Virus Safety 10/10 | Performance 9/10 | Privacy 9/10
Final Score: 9.3/10

Hello dear readers!
We will be examining SaveFrom.net in depth and sharing some important information regarding how safe it is and more!

Before we delve any further it’s important to know that above all, this is an opinion post and some of our interpretations might be inaccurate but, we always try our best to get you objective insights using our metrics to help us achieve such observations.

Virus Safety
So the first thing we look into is Malice,
In this case we ran SaveFrom.net’s URL through several scanners analyzing the cookies delivered and more.
During which, We found 19 cookies on page-load using cookie-script.com, of these 17 are ‘3rd party’ and 2 are ‘1st’,
4 are classified as performance cookies, 3 as targeting cookies and 2 functionality.
For full Cookie Data Report | Click Here

After that we downloaded a file from the site and scanned it through Virustotal.com (which scanned it through 60+ scanners) which returned test results clean of any known malware, Same goes for the URL which we also scanned (Photo 2).

Virus Safety: 10/10, No known issues!

You are able to download in several qualities,
In addition the download speeds are dandy and you have the ability to add ‘SS’ Before “youtube” in a URL to automatically load it into the platform.

The service is very reliable and works 99.9% of the time according to our tests.

Performance: 9/10, Great tool, Very easy to use the only issue is the popups, both advertising and CTAs.

The Site appears to be mostly safe privacy wise.
It seems to use propeller-ads and OpenX (as evident from their cookies) as their monetization method, which means the website has pop-ups and therefore tracking cookies (which are taking a bite out of their privacy score) but its nothing to worry about – as they use user hashing methods to remove personal details, most sites use them and they are usually legit.

Privacy: 9/10, No acute privacy issues!
In conclusion:

This site seems like the best way to download videos on a regular basis due to its reliability


Final Score: | 9.3/10 |

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