Y2Save.net download, How good are you? Safety, Performance and Intrusiveness here

Safety 9.5/10 | Performance 6/10* | Privacy 9.5/10
Final Score: 8.3/10

Hello dear readers!
Today we will be looking into Y2save.net in depth and sharing some important information regarding how safe it is and more!

Before we delve any further it’s important to know that above all, this is an opinion post and some of our interpretations might be inaccurate but, we always try our best to get you objective insights using our metrics to help us achieve such observations.

So the first thing we look into is Malice,
In this case we ran y2save.net URL through several scanners analyzing the cookies delivered and more.
During which, we encountered 2 cookies (of.gangueturkery.com, GL_UI4 and GL_GI10 – both first detected on Y2save.net), both unclassified 3rd party Cookies, with that said – their expiration time is 1-Day , so they are probably fine (as tracking cookies usually last longer).
Y2Save.net Cookie Scan
After that we downloaded a file from the site and scanned it through Virustotal.com (which scanned it through 62 scanners) which returned test results clean of any known malware.
Y2Save.net Virus Scan

Safety: 9.5/10, according to our findings, Almost perfect!


You are able to download in several qualities and even search YT videos on the platform (Removing the need to even go to Youtube to get a URL in the first place),
In addition the download speeds are alright and you have the ability to add GGG after “youtube” and before “.com” in a URL to automatically load it into the platform.

In addition the site is offered in several languages such as Spanish and German.

On the other hand, Sometimes the service just doesn’t work for some reason…

Performance: 6/10, All worked as expected and even better first try, On second attempt videos failed to load (even after cache deletion) *As of April/2024*.


The Site appears to be safe privacy wise.
With that being said, it doesn’t seem to have a clear monetization method which either means the website owner isn’t trying to earn money from it or they are, using other methods we don’t have a way to see (which isn’t likely according to the cookie scan).

Privacy: 9.5/10, No obvious privacy issues whatsoever!
The only thing preventing it from receiving a perfect 10/10 is the lack of a coherent monetization method present and therefore raising questions.

In conclusion: This site seems like the best way to download videos, when its working…

Final Score: | 8.3/10 |

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