Guide: How to Download Videos from Youtube

  1. Access the Website:
    Go to in your web browser (if you are here that’s probably done).
    1.1. Review Terms and Conditions: Before downloading, you’re required to review the terms and conditions of the selected service and to ensure compliance and understand any usage restrictions.
  2. Copy YouTube URL:
    Find the YouTube video you want to download and copy its URL from the browser’s address bar.
  3. Paste URL:
    On, you’ll see a section labeled “Youtube Download Finder.”
    Paste the copied YouTube URL into the “Enter YouTube Video URL” input field.
  4. Show Download Options:
    Click on the “Show Download Options” button below the input field. This will trigger the script to generate download options based on the provided YouTube URL.
  5. Select Download Source:
    Once the download options appear, you’ll see a list of services with their respective intrusiveness levels (number of ads and severity). Choose a download source that suits your preference by clicking on the link associated with that service.
  6. Download the Video:
    After clicking on a download source, a new tab or window will open, directing you to the selected service’s download page for the video. Follow the instructions on that page to download the video to your device, each service is different and none of them are affiliated with

Remember to use such download services responsibly and respect copyright laws and terms of use.

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